bad things happen to good people sometimes.
I'm a (fan)artist and a (fanfiction) writer on my off days. I have shipping goggles glued to my face. If you're here wondering why I reblogged something from you ages ago, chances are, I queued them.

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August 31 + 3217

so when i hit 50 followers (currently at 43) i’ll draw a commemorative piece or something. although that itself will probably be pushed off till after my exams in november ‘kay.

i’m not gonna gift it to the 50th follower in particular cause that kinda feels unfair to the lovely people who’ve accompanied me for so long .-.

August 31 + 0


Colored that Marco sketch from today! ;w;

August 30 + 30388

*suddenly wants a crack fic where sasuke finds some forbidden jutsu that impregnates him and then hinata has to take care of him*

August 30 + 2


goddammit al

(print for matsuricon, will probably undergo a few more changes before printing, but for now i’ve got other things to work on)

August 30 + 21009

Hori Masayuki.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.
August 30 + 385



Based on this post.Collab with snogfairy who wrote this awesome drabble.Also yumesenpaii wanted to write this amazing one-shot 

August 30 + 861

If giving up my life can reset the world… I will gladly offer it.”

August 30 + 206

the shots of her body on the ground did me in

August 30 + 2